General Information

First Time Visitors

You don't need a Firearms Licence to try rifle shooting.  You will need to be supervised by a licenced firearms owner when you do try.  Use the contact page to contact our duty club member to check when it might be suitable to visit the range and club.  The Club will allocate a one-on-one coach to walk you through an afternoon on the range.

The Petone Club Rooms are normally open before a few hours before shooting starts.  Feel free to get to the range early and visit our club rooms. You will be most welcome.

Daily Fees and Equipment

Fees for an afternoon are $50.  $20 for range fees, and $30 for use of a rifle and the cost of ammunition.  This will get you two shoots and a lot of fun.   The club will supply an F Class rifle, ammo and any other items you may need.  You won't need to bring hearing protection, this will be provided.  You might need your own drinking water, sun hat and glasses and cold clothing just in case.  If its been raining recently you may consider bringing waterproof footwear.

Contacting the Club

Use the Contact Tab above to make contact and to book your afternoon on the range. 

Summer Sport

Outdoor Target Rifle Shooting is mostly a summer sport starting September through to May.  During the winter most ranges get far too muddy and wet to get vehicles on and off without getting stuck.

Safety first

The Trentham Rifle Range is controlled by the military so we all need to ensure we follow the rules of the Range Conducting Officer and others that are in control.