Petone Rifle Club caters for a variety of rifle types for long range target shooting. NRA Target Rifle shooters mostly use a 7.62mm (.308 Winchester) calibre rifle and shoot prone. How home range at Trentham is set out in imperial measurements so we shoot from yard lines at NRA bullseye type targets. Those shooting target rifles (TR) use micrometer aperture sights front and rear. TR shooters use a jacket, sling and glove etc and shoot off elbows with no other support rest. Our other shooting classes mostly use optical sights and mechanical rests such as bipods and solid F Open rests. One can even use a sand bag if that is what one prefers.

Rifle Shooting on the Trentham range is safe. All live firing is conducted under the watchful eye of a Chief Range Officer in accordance with a well developed set of Range Standing Orders (RSOs). Rifle shooting involves hand eye coordination and the ability to pick the conditions around you. Trentham Range has an array of wind flags to assist shooters to figure out what the wind is doing, i.e. direction and strength. When you get good at watching the flags you also start watching for mirage, muzzle smoke and splash dust and a few other things. Picking the right moment to fire with the correct wind allowance becomes quite important.

Target Rifle (TR)

Target Rifle (TR) competition is graded into:

Tyro - first year shooters who are permitted the assistance of a wind coach to help with judging the strength of wind.

C grade, B grade and A grade - the allocation of grades is determined by a ranking system set by the National Rifle Association of New Zealand (NRANZ).

303 Target Rifle

The use of historical .303 Target Rifles is becoming more popular and are shot alongside the modern target rifles using the TR framework of shooting rules. 303 Target Rifles must be fitted with micrometer aperture rear sight and be certified by the club Armourer as in safe working order. 303 Target Rifles are indeed a lot of fun to shoot.

F Class Shooting

F Class rifle shooting allows the use of a telescopic sight and the aid of front and rear shooting rests and or a bipod. Whilst this gives some advantage over TR, the main factor is still allowing for the effect of wind. This class is something anyone can try and do well in. You will pick up experience as you go and from the one-on-one coaching provided making F Class rifle shooting an ideal beginner sport for male or female, young or not so young. All F Class rifles are restricted to a maximum muzzle energy limit which differs slightly from range to range.

F Class shooting consists of four categories:

FTR - a rifle with .308 Winchester calibre chambers using a variety of bullet weights shot using a rear bag rest and bipod only. A maximum muzzle energy limit applies under range standing orders.

F Open - a rifle that may use any cartridge and or bullet weight up to a max calibre of 8mm. F Open shooters are permitted to use mechanical rests. Again a maximum muzzle energy limit applies under range standing orders.

FPR (Precision Rifle) - the FPR class is restricted to off-the-shelf magazine rifles using telescopic sights optimised for improved performance over a traditional hunting rifle. No calibre restriction or bullet weight applies but Range Standing Orders again set a maximum muzzle energy limit.

FTR Classic - this class is limited to rifles using .308 Winchester chambers and bullet weights used in the TR Class i.e. 30 cal bullets no heavier than 155.5 grains. A great class to shoot when you first get started.