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FAQ's on our club and shooting in general

Here we have some Frequently Asked Questions for people who want to learn more about fullbore target rifle shooting, how to get started in the sport of shooting, and questions specific to Petone Rifle Club.

The Arms Act 1983 and its Amendments allows suitable unlicensed persons to use A-Category rifles whilst under the direct and constant supervision of a current NZ Firearms Licence holder.

It is an offence under the Arms Act for firearms or ammunition to be purchased without both the purchaser and seller having a Firearms Licence.

So the answer is - no, you don't need a licence to get started, but as you get into this great sport no doubt you would want to go that route in time.

'Fullbore' basically means a larger calibre, or bullet size. "Fullbore" is usually taken to mean calibres over .30" - but of course some calibres are measured in mm rather in inches!

At our shooting club we usually shoot .308" (known as '308'),  and 7.62mm (known as '762')

Smallbore target rifle is usually .22 calibre which is often shot indoors but can be shot outdoors as well.

Another difference is that most smallbore cartidges are 'rimfire' (the firing pin strikes the outside edge of the cartridge)  whilst fullbore is always 'centre fire' - the primer is located in the center of the cartridge case head and is usually replaceable so the cartridge can be reloaded and used again.

Yes and no! As we shoot prone (lying down) that is not always what we want to be doing outdoors in the depths of winter. We do however meet regularly in the off season at the club rooms and practise with our sophisticated Noptel training system using the latest LED technology which is great fun and a very useful practise tool.

Not very much! We have club rifles and equipment which you could borrow, and you would just need to pay us a few dollars for some ammuntition. Just contact us and arrange a time to vist and have a go.

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This is the second newsletter of the 2013-14 season.